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If you were stopped on the street today, could you correctly answer why you need periodontics in your life?

It’s alright, not many people can. It’s an incredibly valuable – but lesser-known – branch of dentistry that has a ton of huge impacts on your oral health. Dr. Smith in Merced, California and the team at Scott A. Smith DDS work hard to bring you the best periodontic care. Part of that process is education.

What is periodontics?
Periodontics is the practice of preventing and treating gum disease, in addition to handling the placement of dental implants. A periodontist focuses entirely on the health of your gums, and aids you in making sure that they’re able to support your teeth.

Why do I need a periodontist?
Not everyone needs a periodontist, but everyone needs the knowledge they bring to the table. They’re invaluable in spotting gum disease early enough to treat it, as well as treating gum disease in the least harmful way possible. That means you get to keep more of your real teeth – and real gums – than you otherwise would.

How does a periodontist help?
As stated above, a periodontist is indispensable in preventing gum disease. But you may also need their help when getting dental implants, or if you have swollen, tender gums that you’re not sure how to treat. A periodontist helps mitigate all of those issues, providing you with a clean bill of health.

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