When you have lost a tooth or bone tissue, Dr. Smith can provide you with a ridge augmentation treatment to recreate the natural contours of your gums and jawbone.

The bone that holds your teeth in place and provides support for the tooth roots is known as the alveolar ridge. If a tooth is lost or extracted, it can leave an indentation in the jawbone. Periodontal disease can also cause this bone to resorb (shrink). This bone loss not only impacts the appearance of your smile, but also makes it more difficult to replace your missing tooth with an implant or other restoration. Ridge augmentations restores the original height and width of the alveolar ridge to give you a healthier and more aesthetic appearance and make it possible for Dr. Smith to place a dental implant.

When you receive ridge augmentation, Dr. Smith will fill the indented area of your jawbone with bone grafting material to rebuild the alveolar ridge. This procedure can be performed immediately following tooth extraction, or at a later date in preparation for implant placement.

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