When you have too much gum tissue, Dr. Smith may recommend a gingivectomy for either health or cosmetic reasons. Gingivectomy, also known as cosmetic gum surgery or crown lengthening, is a simple treatment for excessively gummy smiles. When you have too much gum tissue in your mouth, it can affect both the appearance of your smile and your oral health. Your teeth may appear too short, or the gum tissue may appear too bulky or seem to grow down over your teeth too far. Your gum line may also be uneven or asymmetrical. Excessive gum tissue may occur as a result of genetics, a health or dental problems, or through the use of certain medications.

When you receive a gingivectomy, our periodontist will remove a small amount of the gum tissue to reveal more of your tooth structure and provide you with a more appealing smile. This treatment can usually be completed in just one visit to our practice.

For more information about gingivectomy, and to make an appointment with our experienced periodontist, please contact our office today.