When periodontal disease weakens your teeth to the point where the they are loose and are at risk of falling out or needing to be extracted, Dr. Smith can provide you with periodontal splinting to stabilize your teeth and help keep them in their correct positions.

Gum disease is damaging to all parts of your mouth and supporting oral structures. Not only does it damage and weaken your teeth, but it also causes a loss of supporting bone. As specific teeth lose their supporting bone and gum tissue they become weaker and loose. When improved oral hygiene and other periodontal procedures fail to diminish the infection in the gums enough for the teeth to stabilize on their own, a periodontal splint may become necessary.

A periodontal splint consists of a stabilizing wire or fiber-reinforced ribbon. The splint is bonded to the inner or outside surface of several teeth, linking them together so that they rely on their collective strength to remain stable. Periodontal splinting stabilizes the teeth by holding them in place and reducing the stress placed on the surrounding gum tissue.

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