Our office offers our patients complimentary conscious sedation, or “Twilight Sedation” for our dental treatments. This is what sets our office apart from other dental practices. Conscious sedation is designed to better enable you to undergo your procedures while you are comfortable and very relaxed. It will allow you to tolerate, as well as not remember, those procedures that may be very uncomfortable for you. You may not always be asleep, but you will be comfortable, calm, and relaxed, drifting in and out of sleep – a “twilight sleep.”


As we age, our oral health becomes more important than ever. Periodontal disease can lead to bone and tooth loss, which affects nearly every part of our daily lives. To lead full and active lives, we need our teeth and gums. They allow us enjoy food, support speech and good conversation, and facilitate digestion. Dr. Smith is dedicated to treating elderly patients with care and commitment to comfort and health. Elderly patients as a group tend to avoid dental visits for a variety of reasons, including:

  • •More pressing medical concerns
  • Anxiety about treatment
  • The hardship of transportation
  • Fixed incomes

Once their oral health has reached an unmanageable point, fear, and embarrassment further keep these patients away from the dentist. For elderly patients embarrassed or fearful of their current oral state, sedation dentistry provides the opportunity for Dr. Smith to treat these conditions while the patient remains relaxed and unaware until “awaking” to an improved oral state!


Dental phobia is a real, often overwhelming, reality for thousands of people. Negative previous dental experiences, fear of needles or drills, and severe gag reflexes are just some of the reasons people feel extreme anxiety when thinking about visiting the dentist. If you suffer from dental phobia, fear no more! Dr. Smith and his staff are committed to understanding the very real nature of your fears. Not only will our staff treat you with delicacy and care, but conscious sedation will allow you to experience dentistry in a whole new way. While engaging in a pleasant sleep like experience, Dr. Smith will be hard at work making sure you “wake up” with the results you desire.

You can learn more about sedation dentistry by contacting our team today.