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If you have lost teeth and are looking to replace them with restorative dentistry such as dental implants, dentures or partial dentures, Scott A. Smith DDS will be able to take care of these needs for you. Our restorative dentistry will wow you with its longevity, added cosmetic value, and needed structure to your teeth.

Before any dental implants can be installed, your oral surgeon will need to inspect the bone area which the implant will go to make sure the bone is strong enough to offer support for the dental implant. If our periodontist finds the area is too thin, a bone implant may be necessary before you can receive your dental implants.

A bone implant consists of a bone graft, taken from either your own bone, a bone-like material, or processed bone, being fused with your jawbone in order to add the required mass and strength for support of a dental implant. Dr. Smith can also add height and width to the jaw if necessary to make sure you will have the right support for your dental implants.

The bone implant requires a few months in order to for the graft used to fuse to your bone. When the fusion is completed, you will be ready to come into Scott A. Smith DDS in Merced, California to receive your dental implants.

For any inquiries about dental implants, or to schedule an appointment, call Scott A. Smith DDS today.