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Every tooth is composed of various layers. The outer layer that you can see is called the enamel It is the hardest bone in your body, protecting the rest of the tooth from bacteria and debris. It acts as a shell for the next layer, which is called the dentin. Dentin attaches to the jaw through the root, and it is much softer than the enamel. It also is directly connected to nerves. This connection with the nerves is what makes your teeth hurt when the bottom of your teeth are exposed by a condition called gum recession. Gum recession can be very painful and is caused by many things, but our dentist, Dr. Smith is pleased to offer a technique to combat it: chao pinhole surgery. With this revolutionary new treatment, Dr. Smith can treat gum recession with no pain, discomfort, or surgical tools.

First, what causes gum recession?

There are multiple reasons why gum recession can occur. Some include:

— trauma to the gum tissue

— tooth grinding

— overly aggressive brushing or flossing that destroys the gums(it is important to brush, but you should usually use a soft-bristled toothbrush)

— abnormal tooth positioning

— genetics

No matter what causes gum recession, though, there are treatments.

Chao® Pinhole Surgical Technique

This treatment is a new way to fight gum recession. Traditional methods used a system called grafting in which the specialist would take gums from other areas of the mouth to cover the receding area. However grafting, could be uncomfortable and painful.

With the pinhole surgical technique, the Dr. Smith uses specialized surgical tools that spread the gum from above the recession over the exposed dentin. Essentially, he just moves the gum over and covers the damaged area.

It’s that simple. You can schedule an appointment to treat your receding gums by calling our practice, Scott A. Smith DDS, in Merced, California, at 209-205-4657.