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Patient H

Hi, I’m a 78 year old grandmother who had two implants several years ago. Though they are located in an upper jaw and do not show, I am surely enjoying having them to more thoroughly chew food on both sides of my mouth. The procedure to have implants is nothing to fear – it just takes patience to complete the process. I happen to be a diabetic but I had no problems what so ever with the healing process. Dr. Smith, and his staff, are easy to work with and show concern for their patients.

Patient S

When I was first told I needed a dental implant, my reaction was one of great panic, but more importantly, fear and frustration. Having had more dental work previously than most people have at the ripe age of 24, due to a childhood accident, this was not welcome news- in fact, this was quite possibly the worst news you could have given me. I had recently gotten engaged- and the only thing I could think of was that a bride to be missing a front tooth- was not the image I had of myself during this special time in my life. I was told by my previous dentist that I would have to have a “Flipper” as they call it, which was a tooth on a retainer that I would take out to eat, and then replace. Needless to say, the thought made me sick at heart, and I felt helpless. I was referred to Dr. Smith from a dentist who told me an implant was the best option for me.

As soon as I spoke to Dr. Smith’s assistant, I felt at ease. She explained that a new procedure called an Immediate Smile, would save me from the flipper, and I would wear a temporary tooth- that I wouldn’t have to remove- during the time it took for the bone to bond with the implant. This fact alone, sold me on the procedure. I was fearful of the pain, but Dr. Smith assured me it would not be a painful procedure.

I had the procedure in the morning and went home feeling pretty good. There was no pain, and the only thing I noticed was that the area was a little swollen. For the next few days I did have some soreness from my mouth being open for such a long time, but I was able to return to work the next day. My temporary looked so good that I was able to go to my engagement party feeling beautiful, and not self conscious like I had feared.

Of the course of about 5 and a half months, I went in for regular x-rays and checkups to make sure the area was healing correctly. About a week after surgery I didn’t feel as though I even had a temporary in any more, so by the 5th month it felt like time had flown by since I had begun the process. Dr. Smith was so reassuring through the entire process- his gentle way of explaining things and answering any questions I had (even if he had already reassured me several times before) made a world of difference. His attention to detail is impeccable- and he made sure to let me know before surgery just how delicately he would perform the surgery. I have recommended Dr. Smith to coworkers of mine, and I will continue to recommend him to anyone needing periodontal or implant services. I am so grateful I was referred to Dr. Smith, I honestly don’t believe I would have been so calm about the procedure had he not been the one doing it.

I now have the final restoration and crown done, and I cannot tell the difference in the way my teeth looked from before. I would recommend a Dental Implant procedure to anyone who does not want to have to get a bridge, because the implant is as close to a natural tooth as you can get, in my opinion. Dr. Smith is a wonderful dentist, and he has taken the fear out of dental surgery for me- as long as he is the one doing the procedure!

Patient K

Dr Smith and his staff made having a tooth implant virtually a pain free experience. Each stage was carefully explained to me so I always knew what to expect in the process. I highly recommend Dr Scott Smith for specialized dental work.

Patient E

Dr. Smith and his staff are exceptional! My mom had surgery in their office and was treated with such care and compassion. She hates to go to the dentist and to have the option of being sedated was priceless for her. It eased her mind and she got the care she needed. I would highly recommend Dr Smith’s office for all your periodontal care.