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The need for oral surgery is often dependent on the health of your mouth. Oral surgery is generally a last-ditch option for fixing oral health issues, excluding procedures like wisdom tooth removal. So if you find out you need oral surgery to fix any of your oral health issues, what can you do to properly prepare?

Our team here at Scott A. Smith DDS in Merced, California, put this piece together to help inform you of some of the basics regarding oral surgery.

Maintain health afterwards

The biggest thing that we remind patients is the importance of maintaining your oral health after the procedure. For example, during wisdom teeth removal it’s imperative that the flaps of gums where the teeth were extracted are cleaned regularly. Otherwise, you could end up with an infection commonly known as dry docket – it’s incredibly painful.

The same rule of thumb applies to other oral surgery procedures. Keep your mouth as healthy as possible afterwards and you’ll have a much better recovery time.

It’s quick

By surgery standards, most oral surgery is quick and performed on an outpatient basis. This means that you can be back to work or school in short order, instead of spending a week in a hospital.

Oral surgery isn’t always the most enjoyable, but it is necessary in some cases. For more information, call us today at 209-205-4657.