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Is your jaw healthy enough for dental implants? Without teeth to hold, your jaw can weaken and diminish over time. With dental implants, your jaw can once again experience the benefits of a full smile and strengthen over time. This process is known as Osseointegration and it is a vital part in ensuring dental implants will be permanent and will not fall out, as well as supporting a lifetime of use.

Many patients often talk about how well implants feel and perform. Because they are custom-designed to fit in your mouth, they are crafted with the utmost of care for your comfort. Although dentures can be bonded for a sturdy hold, a simple chewy meal such as a tough steak is enough to set them loose to go tumbling and sliding around within your mouth. Dental implants can chew through steak and other hard foods with no fear of slippage.

As we age, the dimensions of our face can drastically change. Even if we still have the same color hair and skin, a different facial structure can make you look much older. With missing teeth, the voids left behind sink your face in, causing just such an event to occur. With dental implants, you can restore the structure of your face and take what would look like years or perhaps even decades off your age. Your more youthful look will make you feel better about yourself and hopefully improve your social standing among coworkers, friends, and loved ones.

Beyond the ability to make you look younger, dental implants can also keep your other teeth safe. When a missing tooth is left unfilled, the spot left behind can cause your gums to loosen and thus cause shifting in nearby teeth. To prevent unwanted movement within your mouth, fill in any gaps as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a tooth replacement. If you would like to know if your jaw is strong enough to withstand a dental implant procedure, please book an exam with Dr. Smith at our oral surgeon office in Merced, California, by calling us at 209-205-4657. Our team looks forward to bringing your smile back to its fullest.