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Gingivitis is a prevalent problem among adults. Many adults believe that is is normal to get bleeding gums when you brush your teeth. This is simply not the case. You must have impeccable dental hygiene to help avoid gum disease. However, there are some people who are more at risk for gum disease than others. Here are some risks to watch out for.

Fluctuating hormones: Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can all temporarily increase risk for gum disease, as can any other time your hormones go up and down in your body. Dental hygiene habits should be very carefully addressed during these periods.

Poor nutrition: Proper nutrition, it could be argued, is the basis of excellent overall health. This includes your complete oral health, including your gums and teeth. A severe vitamin C deficiency, called “scurvy,” can cause bleeding gums (along with a host of other problems).

Diseases: Individuals who suffer from certain diseases are more prone to gum disease. People with diabetes, for instance, are not only more likely to have gum disease, but if they do get it, it is likely to be more severe. Other diseases that make you more susceptible to gum disease include such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis and HIV.

Just because you may be more susceptible to gum disease, it doesn’t mean that gingivitis is inevitable. Impeccable oral health routines, regular cleanings, and consistent bi-annual appointments will help you avoid gingivitis and gum disease in the first place! To schedule an appointment in Merced, California, call Scott A. Smith DDS at 209-205-4657. Dr. Smith and our team are happy to help!