Repairing Your Smile from Halitosis

Halitosis, also referred to as bad breath, can often arise despite proper oral hygiene and effective cleaning methods. The continual return of bad breath may not be an indication that your cleaning habits are not working, but rather that your bad breath may be the result of an underlying condition within the body, including ones… Read more »

A Dental Implant and Dental Crown Can Replace an Extracted Tooth

When a large cavity goes untreated or a tooth suffers from a severe dental trauma, you may feel significant discomfort. When this happens, the tooth might be so severely compromised that it cannot be effectively treated by a root canal. In a situation like this, Dr. Smith might advocate a total dental extraction. Afterward, he… Read more »

What Do You Know about Sugarless Gum?

Is chewing gum a satisfactory cavity-fighting tool? Ironically as it seems, it is. The reason chewing gum is beneficial in battling cavities lies in the processes used to help chew the gum within your mouth. But, gum often contains harmful sugars that can be converted into acids that erode your tooth enamel, so always make… Read more »

Revolutionary Pinhole Surgery is a New Technique for Receding Gums

Every tooth is composed of various layers. The outer layer that you can see is called the enamel It is the hardest bone in your body, protecting the rest of the tooth from bacteria and debris. It acts as a shell for the next layer, which is called the dentin. Dentin attaches to the jaw… Read more »

Flossing Is Very Important for Gum Disease Prevention

When food deposits and bacterial plaque are not removed from your teeth each day they can harden into tartar. When it forms near the gumline your chances of suffering gum disease can significantly increase. To help prevent this from happening the American Dental Association recommends brushing twice and flossing once each day. Most people are… Read more »

An Abscess Might Need Surgical Extraction to Prevent a Blood Infection

The bacterial presence of tooth decay, can become ever-more pervasive with time. If you continually refuse to seek professional dental care at Dr. Smith’s Merced, California clinic, an infection could develop in the pulp and root of the tooth. When this happens, you are at increased risk of developing a dangerous abscess or other infection… Read more »

How Gum Disease Can Hurt Your Smile

Did you know gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss in adults? Well, it’s true! Gum disease is a serious threat to your smile and often goes unnoticed or untreated. That is why our team here at Scott A. Smith DDS in Merced, California, is happy to talk to you about gum disease… Read more »

A Bone Graft to Prepare for Dental Restoration

Dental implants and some other dental restorations require that your jawbone structure is strong and healthy. Unfortunately, in many cases of tooth loss, the decay or extraction process also compromised some of the bone tissues. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Smith, might recommend a bone graft to address insufficient bone structure. To begin, our oral surgeon… Read more »

A Missing Tooth in Your Smile Can Often Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

A beautiful smile with healthy white teeth not only bolsters your self-image, but it also helps you efficiently bite into the foods you consume. When one is lost to tooth decay or dental trauma, it can hamper your overall quality of life in a myriad of ways. Fortunately, Dr. Smith can restore a missing front… Read more »

Oral Surgery Basics

The need for oral surgery is often dependent on the health of your mouth. Oral surgery is generally a last-ditch option for fixing oral health issues, excluding procedures like wisdom tooth removal. So if you find out you need oral surgery to fix any of your oral health issues, what can you do to properly… Read more »