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Sedation dentistry begins with providing the necessary sedatives to a patient to allow them to receive the oral health care procedures and treatments they may need comfortably. There are a wide range of sedatives that can be used to help ensure an individual can have a calming and relaxing experience while visiting the dentist office. Here are a few common sedation dentistry treatments that exist:

– If you are in need of a gas sedation, one highly effective method is known as nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, works to send a patient into a calm and relaxed state.

– For a deeper level of sedation, oral sedation can prove to be effective. Oral sedation consists of giving a patient a pill to swallow before the procedure. Typically, the pill will need to be taken up to an hour before the procedures are to be given. This can help ensure it kicks in as needed. Dosages can be adjusted from a groggy state to falling asleep.

– For a fast-acting sedation, intravenous sedatives are injected directly into your bloodstream. They will go into effect immediately and can be adjusted for the desired level of sedation.

– The deepest level of sedation is often known as deep sedation or general anesthesia. When an anesthetic is given, it can put an individual into an unconscious state from which they will not wake up until the sedative has worn off.

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