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If your gums have pulled back from your teeth and exposed the tooth roots, you may have what is called a ‘gummy’ smile. This type of gum recession arising from your oral tissues becoming irritated and pulling away from the teeth. Not only can it impact your appearance, but it can also result in severe tooth sensitivity.

If you are looking into the mirror and seeing a gummy smile, we would like to share some information with you today in Merced, California. Our periodontist, Dr. Smith, is here to help you restore your healthy smile.

— Believe it or not, aggressive brushing can result in gum recession. Your goal is to rid your teeth of oral debris and plaque, but you can do so by using gentle strokes and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the gum line while protecting your oral tissues.

— Excessive teeth whitening with over-the-counter whitening strips can damage gum tissue because the whitening solution is very powerful. When the solution touches the gums, they can shrivel. So if your smile is suffering from gum recession, please stop using these agents until a safer approach can be determined.

— You may find yourself with receding gums because of gum disease. In fact, receding gums are a leading indicator that you have gum disease. Do you notice that your gums bleed or swell regularly? Do you also have chronic bad breath? Then you likely have gum disease which needs treating.

Fortunately, our periodontist can perform a “crown lengthening” procedure to correct your gummy smile on one or more teeth. He can remove the excess gum tissue, and possibly bone, to expose more of your tooth’s surface. This can result in an even gum line and a more natural looking smile. Please call our team at Scott A. Smith DDS and let us help you restore your beautiful smile!