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When a tooth is lost to untreated tooth decay or some form of oral trauma it can significantly hamper your essential oral function. In the past tooth loss such as this could be addressed by different means. Today, our practice often uses dental implants.

In recent years having a dentist like Dr. Smith replace a missing tooth with a dental implant has grown in popularity. This treatment process starts with a minimally invasive outpatient oral surgery that typically requires full sedation.

During this session a titanium dental implant into the underlying bone structure. In time the titanium material will gradually integrate with the living bone tissues to replicate the original root of the tooth.

Once it has fully bonded to your natural bone tissues, Dr. Smith will prepare an abutment with sufficient strength to anchor a dental crown. If the tooth was located in the front of your mouth he might use a porcelain dental crown. This special dental material can be shaded to mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel.

If you live in the Merced, California, area and you are suffering from a severely decayed or distressed tooth, you should call 209-205-4657 to seek treatment at Scott A. Smith DDS. We are always happy to help restore your smile and your oral health.